Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Down Lex

Classes will begin tomorrow, yay! I'm extremely excited about it because of the fact that i am happy with it. lol I don't need to be specific of why i'm happy but lets just say, (i want to keep it myself). Alright my post seems to be little intriguing or hmmmm---annoying but i just to want make quick update about myself (of course) just to play safe since i have plenty of paid post already published in this page.

Nothing much interesting to blog about tonight except we will be gone in the house for couple of days. That means no internet connection and no facebook. The family will be visiting husband's mom and siblings from Vegas tomorrow. I don't know if going there might be a good idea for me but i'm kinda excited on meeting them. And oh, me and my father-in-law's gf (Mary) plan on having a yard sale on thursday. I already prepare the old stuff i'm selling, so hopefully i have a lot of sales.