Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Family Reunion

I never had a chance to blog about the reunion we went last two weeks due to the fact that i was busy with some other things. The reunion went great by the way. I was able to meet husband's family from Vegas and Atlanta and get to spend time with them a little. They were all awesome, like we wanted to spend time with them forever and not go home. Husband's brother and sister are super nice and likeble people. His uncle and wife Sonia are totally amazing and good-hearted couple.

Not just the fact that everybody love playing with Alyssa but they were also nice to me, treating like i'm a huge part of the family. Their endless comments about how pretty and smart Alyssa was overwhelming. I wish the bonding never ended but everybody has to go on with each lives. His brother went ahead to Missouri to continue his PHD course and his sister went back to work in Vegas while uncle Steve and the wife went home in Atlanta. Hopefully we get to see them again in the near future. Going to their places is probably the next phase since we've plan on hitting Atlanta in the next few weeks. Only if husband can get extra few days off, Atlanta here we come!