Friday, September 17, 2010

Almost 6am

Me and the little girl just done painting our fireplace brick. It was kind of old to look at by the way thats why i decided to paint a clear coat expecting to bring back the color of the brick. Right now it looked a whole lot better. It look fresh because the color of the brick was kind of restored. We got compliments already from the husband as soon as we finished the paintings. I don't know how it look during daytime but hopefully something good.

Painting clear coat to a fireplace brick is something that can be done easily. It is probably the best solution for us right now since we don't have any plan to redo the whole thing yet. I must be thankful to our friend for an awesome suggestion on what should we to do to bring it back to life, not to mention i went through lots of searches on the internet on how or which type of paint should be good for it but I was failed. Thankfully now i'm done with it. Time to get in bed, its almost 6 in the morning, can you believe that?