Thursday, September 9, 2010

Knitting for my grandchildren is a great artistic outlet.

Written by my friend Constance Hayden

Sometimes I really enjoy knitting. I have five grandchildren altogether, and I often use my knitting skills to make little things for them. I was particularly happy to be able to make blankets for them when they were really young.

For me, knitting is also kind of an artistic outlet. It gives me a way to express my creativity. Before I retired, I was a graphics designer, and sometimes I miss that.

There was a time when I only did knitting occasionally, but lately I've been doing it a lot more frequently. I have significantly more time now, and it's a great way to do something productive instead of just sitting around watching TV. Knitting has also become less expensive than it used to be. We recently set up a satellite internet connection with, and it makes it really fast to go online and browse for the cheapest knitting supplies. To be honest, I think I'm actually getting significantly better at knitting in my old age, mostly because I have so much more time to practice.