Sunday, October 24, 2010

Another day to feast

Earlier today, my friend visited me and brought some goodies to cook. So to speak we had another day of feast and been bothered about it.

Feasting is kind of get me to where i am at right now. I mean, my weight is gaining every single day and can do nothing about it. I tried to go back on my daily exercise and plan to continue it until i lose weight---crossing my finger. Husband also bought me some diet plan at the store yesterday, so I thought it must be the sign that i need to lose weight bad, huh?. Its so frustrating, right now my mind convinced me to get the stability ball and do a little bit of a work-out but the half of the mind says i need to take a nap. I'm good at sleeping that i don't even need any natural sleep aid like any people does. I can sleep just right off the bat without having trouble with it, is it bad?