Monday, October 25, 2010

Job in the midnight

Just done fixing/re-arranging the living room. Husband don't like the old style where the tv is at, so he decided to shake the things up and trying to see which corner would be much better to see. We had a hard time re-doing it because we got this super huge size couch and loveseat to go to. After all that job we did, our living looked different than it is. The couches are in the funny position but what else i can do? Husband is much more concern where his tv at. Anyway this arrangement might be good for a change, afterall seeing the same old style and arrangement in months is kind of boring. I just want to be positive, this is all good---i think. We might stick to this until we get new and little couches, by then its probably much easy to style and put in different position where we want to. Now time to hit to bed..