Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Aly will be in pagent

It's official my little girl will be on the beauty pagent on the 27th, this month. She is actually excited about it because of the fact that daddy always told her she can get a crown and be a princess. She loved that thingy where all she does in the house lately is practising her poses, smiles and waving hands. Hopefully she can pull it off. It would be a major, major shame if she will cry in stage after seeing lots of the audience--hope not, crossing my finger.

that isn't her dress in the pagent, husband and I will be looking for one this weekend, extremely excited about it. This is our practising moment in the house.

The beauty pagent composes of different awards. The best in dress, best eyes, hair color, smile, most photogenic and the queen.

BTw, it don't matter if she win or lose. The fact that she has experience to it is something that can be proud of as her parents. This is going to be memorable event for her in her toddler years.