Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Memorable day

I was happy that me and the little girl get to talk to my family in PI through internet today. I was actually surprised when they told us they will going to be online in the next few hours to see some pictures of Alys pageant. They are anxious about it the reason why everybody in the family including my father went to the internet cafe with mother and kids. Seeing them in the webcam make me even miss the christmas in PI. How i wish to be in there this time around to celebrate this holidays. (enuf w/ the drama)

Anyway as usual, my little sis told me i was getting fat while looking the pictures that i sent them. A bit embarassing in my part actually but i have to deal with it, in fact i told her she should be happy because that means i will be passing my smaller sized jeans to her. She seems happy about it but i'm not going to give up. I still have to work hard, (well not this winter time) Lipofuze or other diet pills out there can help for sure.