Friday, January 14, 2011

2 in the Morning

I just got off from phone with my mother and our conversation was basically about the vehicle that husband bought the last time we visited PI. Anyway this time around, the cab is asking a little financing for his fuel pump that had run out.

Thinking about it is just like i'm having pain all over. I just spent some money for the new tires few months ago, plus additional money for the minor repairs for the fan motor and the oil change that the mechanic did last few weeks. I would love to have the fuel pump fix right away but right now i just want to loosen up a little bit from this terrible financial strangle. Not to mention in the next months, i will be spending another hard-earned dollars for registration itself and insurance renewal that had run out too. Who would have thought that having the vehicle causes me to much pain in the a**?.

And by the way i'm glad its friday, means no work. I get to spend some quality time for myself wandering in the clothing store or friends house perhaps? With all the money i spent from cab, new yr & xmas money for PI, xmas presents to the kids and hubbie-- i think i deserved a litte treat, don't i?