Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Web Hosting

I am blogging for three years now and the only thing that i can remember was that, i wasn't really thought of getting a domain when i first started my little page. It just surprise me to think that now i'm more obsessed about web hosting and in fact, just right then, i have thought on getting a domain for the two existing sites i have which has been free hosted since day one.

One thing that i love about web hosting is the ability to use their astonishing features. Its just happens that i like to have free domain name and of course, the technical support that enables me to send message anytime i need assistance.

Right now my web hosting provider charged me about $10. It isn't that much however, after i learned about, i thought about switching. Who would have thought that i could pay less than the price i paid right now using the provider that known to be the best web host in years. Thanks Web Hosting Geeks!