Monday, February 21, 2011

TN Gateaway

I'm so much tired after the 3 hour trip from Tennesse today. The gateaway was fun and amazing. We stayed in the very comfortable cabin in the middle of the smokey mountain where the view is very relaxing. My family and my cousin along with her husband stayed there for 3 days. It was different experience and a whole lot better than our previous TN visit. We didn't get to run around much but we're satisfied of our stay. It was relaxing peaceful and quite place. Although the cabin has no wifi but we were satisfied of how much the cabin entertained us. It has pool table inside, television and the jacuzzi, nothing we could ever ask for more, really.

And oh, speaking of the jacuzzi, no i never get in it because i felt like, i have to lose about 12lbs before getting on it. The summer is also inching closer; the gatherings, swimming parties are everywhere for sure. I definitely need to find the diet pills that work.