Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Bachelor

Guest written by our friend Solomon Thompson

I love reality TV and since I have gotten satellite TV and I have been watching an abnormal amount of it. My current favorite show to watch on satellite TV that I got after coming across this DIRECT TV HD Offers Information is The Bachelor. I love everything about this show. I love the corniness of it, the clothes, the dates, the sweet girls and most of all the crazy girls. The crazy, obsessed and jealous girls are what really make this show. They come into the show already in love with the bachelor, despite never have meeting him. They are so desperate to get married that they will do anything to win and get his attention. For them the show is more about winning and getting attention and getting a ring than it is about finding a real soul mate. And they do some crazy stuff for attention. The last episode of The Bachelor had the latest round of drama from crazy Michelle. She actually gave herself a black eye to get attention from the girls, the bachelor and probably most importantly, the TV cameras. She gets furious if the bachelor, Brad, spends anytime with any other girls. It makes me wonder if she knew the premise of the show before she signed up. The whole point is that he dates lots of girls, all the same time. I will admit that not every show has ended with a breakup and drama. There have been seasons where the couple has ended up together. Let's all hope this turns out to be one of those fairytale seasons.