Friday, August 12, 2011


Few days ago, i redone our kitchen by painting the walls into different color. It was kind of red color in the previous so, one day i just thought of repainting it to brighter colors to make the room even more brighter. I had a done a quite good job and so far husband is loving it.

At first he did not like the idea since he knew for a fact that my painting skills isn't that good. Honestly, i am not as great as professional painters but i'm glad i did it myself, it saves us few money to hire somebody to do it. Now our kitchen is a lot better and only thing i'm needing to settle me down is to have a nice dining furniture to go with it. Hopefully i can find something that decent and at the same time reasonable for its price. I guess i have to search couple of stores or browse online to find something i need. I wonder if the Adirondack furniture will do fine in the kitchen. I know for a fact they are great brand which are suitable for outdoor living.