Saturday, December 14, 2013

2 Years, What?

Wow! Things are pretty insane the last few years. My last "real" blog post was on September 2011 where me and my cousin applied for a job. We was hired after that by the way and worked for few months. Then later, i got the opportunity to work at the Veterans facility for one year.

Working at the Veterans facility was incredible experience. I get to see the sides of different people i never thought it exists. Everyone i meet has different persona. There was vexatious and kind. But overall, it was all worth it. I'd say, i wouldn't be where i am today if it weren't for the VA.

Exactly a year of my employment, i resigned the job. My family decided to operate a family business in the small town we live. I am working as a full-time cashier/sales along with my step-daughter and my husband during his day off the prison. We're operating the business for almost a year now.

My life has changed tremendously in past few months. My schedules daily is pretty much hectic as i also have 6 years old 1st grader, who i drove to school every morning and to be pick-up every afternoon.. However, i am thankful and I thank God for everything.