Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Red Bug

Last week was not so very lucky week for us. Husband bought a beetle for myself. The good thing is we found a good deal, it wasn't at the car lot. A woman who work at the LKLP is selling her volkswagen beetle with 60t mileage, so we drove it around and the end of the day we made an offer, luckily she accepted it.

At that night, my step-daughter check on it. She opened the sunroof and some little bit of piece come of. It the sunroof was stuck, probably due to a fact that it hasn't been open for many months because of winter and rains. The next day, we drove it around and it was fine. The following day, husband drove it to the interstate and suddenly the sunroof took off and flew away. Good thing nobody comes behind us or they would have hurt. Since that day, we are busy trying to find for the parts, the sunroof glass and rails. We looked them at auto stores and online. Thankfully we got a good deal of used sunroof at ebay which cost almost 300 dollars. Its expensive for a used one but we have to get it, no choice. Hopefully though it'll be here soon.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

2 Years, What?

Wow! Things are pretty insane the last few years. My last "real" blog post was on September 2011 where me and my cousin applied for a job. We got hired after that by the way and worked for few months. Then later i got the opportunity to work at the Veterans facility for one year.

Working at the Veterans facility was incredible experience. I got to see the sides of different people i never thought i encounter. Everyone i've meet have different personality. There were vexatious and kind. But overall, it was all worth it. I'd say, i wouldn't be where i am today if it weren't for the VA healthcare facility.

Exactly a year of my employment, i resigned the job. My family decided to operate a family business in the small town we live. I am working as a full-time cashier/sales along with my step-daughter and my husband during his day off from the prison. We're operating the business for almost a year now.

My life has changed tremendously in past few months. My schedules daily is pretty much hectic as i also have 6 years old 1st grader, whom i drove to school every morning and needs to be pick-up every afternoon. However, i am thankful and I thank God for everything.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Electronic Cigarette Store in Hyden, KY

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Friday, September 2, 2011

A job finally?

My cousin and I just applied for a cleaner jobs few weeks ago. Today we just got lucky that we called in and get hired to a different and better position which is a postion that we are trying to get when we were starting.

Our training would be the middle of this month and were excited and a bit nervous at the same time because this is going to be my first real job. I also kind of lonely knowing that i'd be away with my little girl for few hours in a day. So, i'm crossing my fingers to survive on this. I really need a "goodluck" on this for sure!

Day of the chaperone

So, Alyssa and I went with my cousin today in the next town to do a little bit of shopping for their home. We bumped in to couple stores from groceries, clothing to isuzu rubber mats for their new purchased vehicle. It was great day indeed and thankful that at least, me and the little girl get to get out the house for a little while today. Despite how tired we were, we're happy about it.

Friday, August 12, 2011


Few days ago, i redone our kitchen by painting the walls into different color. It was kind of red color in the previous so, one day i just thought of repainting it to brighter colors to make the room even more brighter. I had a done a quite good job and so far husband is loving it.

At first he did not like the idea since he knew for a fact that my painting skills isn't that good. Honestly, i am not as great as professional painters but i'm glad i did it myself, it saves us few money to hire somebody to do it. Now our kitchen is a lot better and only thing i'm needing to settle me down is to have a nice dining furniture to go with it. Hopefully i can find something that decent and at the same time reasonable for its price. I guess i have to search couple of stores or browse online to find something i need. I wonder if the Adirondack furniture will do fine in the kitchen. I know for a fact they are great brand which are suitable for outdoor living.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Saw Blades

My parents source of income is mainly cutting woods and lumbers. They own few cutting equipments and sometimes these equipments are a lot of a trouble instead of making money out from it. Most of the times, their earning would go towards the shop for the repair costs and all that parts it needed.

Sometimes overheard them talking about band saw blades and how good they are. They just couldnt find a good shop to find what they need. Nice to know that online shop has them! I just have to know the right one since they come with several sizes.

RV Insurance

Taking a road trip with your RV is fun and exciting. Whether you're a full-timer traveler or vacationer, the adventure is always enjoyable than of course work!. However, RVing can also be stressful specially when unforseen events occur. Accidents and a loss of belongings are few of the reasons why we need a good RV insurance policy. So don't your leave home without it. Check out for rv insurance quote online today at Good Sam.

Kingdom Come Park

What a fun and crazy day! My friends and I went to the park for a birthday celebration of Te lenie. Of course, there were great foods.

The park was loaded with lots of fun stuffs. We went paddle boating, hiking the trails and rock climbing. It was pretty nice, the overlooking view where you see the mountains of West Virginia is very relaxing. We also saw a big bear crossed the road which unfortunately wasn't able to take a pic of it, he went away too fast.

Here are some of our pix w/ friends.


Today we went to my friend's birthday party that held in the Kingdom Come park. It was about an hour and half travel from our house and we were thankful enough that we got there safe and on time, thanks for the GPS for taking us over there.

GPS such a huge help today, we never get lost anymore unlike our previous trips.

If you don't have any reliable GPS, you should purchase one specially of you are a person who likes to travel. Forget about the paper maps! Try the magellan gps offered by TheSource site at a very affordable price.

Biodegradable Cleaning Products

A friend of mine is a cat lover. They actually have few cats in the house living with them. However sometimes she complained about their fur and stain that gets on their couch as well as cats urine. One time i told her about cat urine odor remover products that should be purchased online and in the pets store.

There are countless of cleaning brands out there and in fact, you can either go for biodegradable products to help save the Earth as well. I would also recommend this to everybody who has pets in the house and perhaps looking for cleaning pet stains.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Fat Burners

There is no doubt, right diet along with exercise routine is the best method to lose weight. However some people may not have time to go to the gym and that they prefer the alternative way to shed pounds with the help of the fat burner supplements.

Fat burners help get rid of excess fat in our body faster. They also help to increase the body's metabolism, energy as well as reduces food cravings. Just so you know fat burner brands are all over the internet, if you consider to buy fat burners today make sure to make a few research about the products.

The Weekend

Last weekend has been so busy for me. Our house was filled with a lot of people from the Bath county. Those people are mainly my husband relatives and friends who are among the 4wheeling diehard fans.

The weekend were amazing. I never thought 20 some people could fit in our little house. It was crazy to think that some of them were sleeping in the floor and couches too. The four bedrooms were occupied.

It was such an great experience for me. For the first time, i was able to feel the atmosphere of being in the Pi where plenty of loud people in the same roof, sleeping in the floor and just be happy about it. It was indeed great, i am looking forward to it again.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


I'm recently looking for the LCD tv's around the net and in stores. After having one LCD tv in our living room, husband is kind of wanting to have another one for our bedrooms. LCD tv's are great specially if you have HDMI. I dont exactly really know how HDMI work, but LCD tv's are living up to people's expectation when it comes to great home entertainment and stuff. At the Source site, there are samsung lcd televisions at the very affordable prices which most of them are on sales. Really cheap, you should check them out too.

Steel Building Kits

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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Camping 2011

Husband has a week vacation coming by the end of the month. We have lots of plans in mind and places to go, and one of the most exciting plan we have right now is camping. Husband loves to go fishing while kids likes to go hiking or biking in the trails.

Camping is always a summer activity for the family since i got here. Hubby's dad have a camper which makes our camping adventure more fun. We take several bikes with us in hitch bike racks installed in the back of our truck. We loved it! I'm sure, its going to be a lot more fun this year because we have few more people will tag along with us in the adventure.

VW beetle purse

I have an obsession of this cute little purse. I would love get to one if could i get a chance. Their price are ranging from 60 to 100 dollars including the shipping since they come from different country like China and UK. Ain't they cute?

Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Big Game

Guest post written by Jamal Stewart

The other day, I was on http://hearingaids.miracle-ear.com/ when I started day dreaming about the big game that was on that night. My alma mater was playing their arch rival in College Basketball, and I was going to go home and make a big deal out of it. For months, I had been waiting for this moment. The rematch brings me back to a time when I was in college and shouting at the top of my lungs from in the stands with some of my closest friends. I remember the pride that we had and I clearly remember the devotion that we had towards our team. It was really something special, and I s! till stay in contact with some of my friends back then. I stopped at the grocery store on the way home, purchased some snacks, and went back to spend a little time with wife.
My wife thinks that my devotion to sports is a little silly at times, but I know that she understands why I am so passionate. I am just glad that she joins me when I watch my alma mater play.