Tuesday, November 27, 2007

ellaa! ella! ey! ey! hey!

Note: If you wanna watch the video, kindly hit the stop or square button on my play list (twice). Tenk u!

As i doing some search in you tube, i found this amazing rendition of Umbrella by Mandy Moore. At first, i was looking for Kc Concepcion's version because i seen her once before in the ASAP singing that song. But unfortunately, i was kind of upset coz nobody uploaded it.
Anyway, this is a popular song originally perform by Rhianna as you saw it on my play list. But to be honest, i like Mandy Moore's version better in a way that she sings it really slow like an accoustic version. She gives more meaning to it. I actually realize the meaning of the lyrics for the first time when i heard her. I love Rhianna but i love Mandy Moore too. I am her fan since i was a kid. Oh well, just my opinion.