Friday, November 30, 2007

Let's Talk About PNB

YoHooooo!!! Pangarap na Bituin is getting even better now. I am looking forward to the episodes where the fake Sapphire (Rica Peralejo) and Lena (Rio Locsin) Miss A's buddies, will be kicked out. Oh my! i cant wait to see what happen to those two after everybody knows the truth. Of course i can't stand Miss A (Cherry Pie Picachi) the manipulator, i would love to see her kneeling down to Emerald. Ruby? nah, she's just crazy little kikay who doesn't like her family separated again and destroy their singing carrers as a Jewel Sisters. Eventhough Lina, their imposter mom always beat her and not showing some love like a true mom she still gets mad to Emerald when Emerald trying to find the answers of her big doubt. How foolish is that?

I can't wait to see their true mom comes out. I'm not sure if she still alive but i am expecting her to come out to spice up the show even more. Their grandma is already there but unfortunely, Miss A, kidnapped their granny. Since Lena, the imposter, had Terence (Jericho Rosales) who already knows the truth, Miss A will be surprised when Lina confess her about having Terence in her hand. I'm sure Miss Alberta don't know what she's going to do. Terence is her niece, is she going to kill him so that nobody can spread out of what info's he had or what? breathtaking huh?

Anyway whatever happens, Jeffrey (Miss A son who's inlove with Ruby) already knows the half truth. lol I'm looking forward to Emerald to discover everything and got some evidence that makes everybody believes her including her naive sister Ruby (Maja Salvador). When time comes that Emerald got the proof, her true family will be reunited and live happily that they deserves.

Points for me for being so diligent on PNB show. hehe!
There's only two weeks left for this TV show. (so, hindi ko tlga palalampasin to!)


poray said...

terence is miss a's son..iya tatay ang nagkidnap ra pud sa iya..o d ba halatang PNB adik?lol