Thursday, November 29, 2007

Comfort Food

When talking about food i really don't have any problems at all. I can eat without rice. I can survive without eating a day. Yeah its true! When i was in a Phillipines i don't eat food regularly. It is not just protecting my body from getting fat but i just don't like to eat and i don't care much about food.

I eat rice maybe once or twice a month it depends how many times we go to the chinese restaurants or filipino gatherings. I will probably cook rice here at home when i have a filipino visitors. Potatos, corn, rolls or bread, cereals are enough for me.

chicken noodle soup, sinigang

okra and cabbage, porkchops, fried chicken, steak, ham, aritadang manok

banana split from dairy queen that's it! i don't like any other sweets.

Somehow i get used to eat some american foods now. I'm not a pain in a butt when it comes to food. As long as we have box of cereal, I'm fine, i will survive. lol