Monday, November 19, 2007

A Little Glimpse of My Dad

While i was sitting at the driveway waiting my hubby to get back from store i heard a song from the sterio entittled Imagine by John Lenon. I had a mixed feelings while i was listening to it. I remember my family back in the Phillipines specially my Dad. This was his favorite song. He always sings it in the videoke. And take note, he deffinately sounds like John Lennon's voice really perfect. I prefered his rendition more than anybody else except The Beatles which John Lenon is a member in it. I am not their devoted fan but i kinda like their songs because of my Dad. He always plays it all the time specially that song Imagine. I remember my brother and him had a fight over the music to played. My brother wants to play the latest cool RNB music while my Dad wants to play a same old songs from his favorite band. He loves the band so much. He had a two massive, 25year old songbooks that consist all songs from The Beatles band. Until now, he still have it and still looks good. Nobody would never attempt to touch it or else the world would be explode. That is my Dad!