Sunday, November 18, 2007

I Want You M0m

I don't know what is on my little girls mind today. She's acting so mean, She's screaming, kicking and rolling all over the place. And if u can see her u can tell she had a very big problem. I thought she's hungry or dirty or something but she's not. Everytime i go check on her she stop. But when i started leaving her she cries. I guess she probably think that i ignoring her which is unusual because i always hold her most of the times before and she's getting used to it. But unfortunately, eversince i learned about blogging, our daily routine was changed. I wish my little girl could understand that. lol i know i am too unknowledgeable. Baby need's a mommy not for just changing her diaper, giving a bottle but for them they needs a cuddle more often. And that is what Alyssa wants :))