Saturday, November 17, 2007

My Day!

My day was so terrible. Seems like i was too busy without nothing. I tried working up my blog early today but i couldn't get it to work. All my templates are gone. And that pisses me off.
We went out for a shopping with my pinay friends. Well, its just window shopping. We take a lot of pictures everywhere. We are all really crazy about camera's. Were doing silly things at the store. We grab lots of stuff and take pictures without buying on it. LOL Its really fun though! I'm pretty sure everybody's hubby was so tired of following the girls. Its been really nice to get out from the house sometimes and hang out with a bunch of silly filipinas. Looks like we are just in a phillipines.
After shopping, we went to the chinese restaurants for a dinner then go home.
By the time we get home i started to do the laundry. Hubby's got to work tommorow so he needs his working clothes. I don't want to be kicked out. hehehe! Early today he was complaining about his all favorite shirts are all dirty. He said i couldn't get to wash it because i am so busy with my blog. lol
Well, tried to work my blog again. I"m happy that i already fixed it . Everything was fine now. The templates are back after i did the whole thing over again.