Thursday, November 22, 2007

Prayer for My Brother In-Law

Another sleepness nights. Last night i stay up so late waiting for hubby to come home. He was down to tennesse to follow his brother in the hospital. His brother Terry had a bad wreck in a 4wheeler. He flipped over. He hurt himself so bad. He had a big cut in his head that cause on bleeding so much. The hospital here decided to took him to the hospital in Tennesse. They flew him last night in a helicopter. Hubby said he seems to be fine but we still worried because he throw up a lot of blood. They don't think he had an injury in his body or his back but they said they were going to do some more x-rays today. We Hope everthing is fine for him.


JAZEVOX said...

hope everything will be okey

Chalyza07 said...

Yeah, thank you. He is fine and safe now. He actually sends him home yesterday. But still continue taking medicine.