Friday, December 14, 2007

Common Mistakes When Writing

Thank you Sis Nova for this tag. I take the 5 things meme out from it because i already had it in my previous post.

Ultimately, readers should see a tapestry of common grammar and spelling mistakes. Therefore, anyone who feel ashamed of their errors will feel a bit more confident and secure.Copy the person and persons' names that sent it to you and add your own at the bottom of the list. It really helps build community.

The answers:

Norms: Sometimes I'm confused of the grammar and right spelling. Then I'm typing so fast that usually miss-spell taht instead of that and many more.

Pretty Life Online : Overusing dashes for separation, this interrupt the flow of my words. Typing too fast so sometimes I miss out and my fingers end up misspelling the words.....LOL!

SuperNova & SweetPain: I am not really good in spelling, so I tried to write it on Microsoft Word in order to help me with the proper corrections, without reading my sentences back again for a second review I forgot that I have words mix and the grammar got crocked sometimes, so I went back and edit it again even if I already published the entry. Reason why I did it, because I don’t what to miss what’s inside my head and if I kept on correcting every word, I surely would forget that will be the next.

CC/Chalyza: Firstly, I always had a wrong grammar specially when i had a lot of things going on my mind. Whenever i made a post i keep on editing even i already published it. Second, I always misspelled the word beauty. It turns to *bauety*. Not only that, if you chatting with me you had a hard time undertanding what i typed. hay! Whenever i type words i need to be careful. My freakin long fingernails cause me to do that. I was thinking to cut it for Alyssa's sake but i can't. This was my first time in my life having a very long fingernails. (ala kc work eh)


Just tell me if you guys wanted to get this tag out from me. I will set my disabled right click codes for you.


NoVa said...

thanks for doing it day... cut ur fingernails... hehehehe...

idealpinkrose said...

hi sis...thanks for the link...sure add ko rin ang isang blog mo...pwede bang paki-add narin yong iba pang blog ko? add ko rin yong 2 blog mo sa mga blogs ko...

*All in korea*

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♥ ChaLyza ♥ said...

Thank you sa comment guys. @idealpink i added you 3 blogs already