Thursday, December 13, 2007


Buffet restaurants is not a good place to eat for those who are on diet. You will be attract when you see those tasty looking foods. Who doesn't? Considering the money that you pay for it, it would be great if you grab so many different kinds. You say, its worth it!
We have been to the buffet restaurant today. Since its "eat all you can", i eat a lot of different kinds of foods. I had 2 plates all together. No deserts, no salad. I was thinking that maybe if i could get salad i couldn't be able to eat more such as steak, bbq and fried chicken which was my favorite. Well, i grabbed my favorite foods and eat most of it. So far, so good! I never did pay attention to deserts after finish eating two plates. It was nice! Foods are taste good, excellent service, great restaurant, endeed a very wonderful day for me.


theworkingmom said...

Sarap naman :)

JAZEVOX said...

looks yummy, gutom tuloy ako

Brian said...

wow this is the buffet that I am looking for.