Monday, December 3, 2007


I just saw a simple yet terifying movie featured by John Cusack.

The movie was all about the paranormal investigator and writer who doesn't believe in anything about supernatural.Until a challenge came up. He recieved a post card by anonymous that simply warns him to not stay in room 1408 in Dolphin hotel. Upon his curiosity, he make a research about a fabled story of 1408. He then, found out that there have been 56 unusual deaths on a suite that remains mysterious. With those phenomenal happenings on that room, he decided to check in. He had a hard time on taking reservations for the room. He was denied and blowed off a couple of times. But he don't give up.

Upon he's arrival at the hotel, the manager (Samuel Jackson) warns him and tell him how risky it was. He was offered by a liqiour and a free upgrade of a penthouse in an exchange of not checking in to the room. But he ignored all warnings and still insisting to stay. After too much pushing, he finally gets his way. He spend the night in 1408 suite. In there, he thought it was just it, a simple yet pretty nice room. But then later, the clock turned on the music by itself and change of its time. He was struggling. He experienced the tragic and genuine happenings. It was a horrible night for him.
You guys should watch it!