Sunday, December 2, 2007


My friend Losel tagged me again. Keep on that tag coming sis!

1. Would you rather be alone OR surrounded by enemies for the rest of your life?
* Asus! i rather be alone than those stinking, insecured, con-artist people. (those are my enemies)

2. Are you an early bird OR a night owl?
* night owl! I don't sleep 'til 4-6 in a morning so therefore, i woke up at 1 pm. How sound's is that?

3. When sick, do you prefer to be pampered OR left alone?
* i guess i wanna be pampered

4. Do you believe in the relative OR the absolute truth?

5. Which is worse, the Burning Question OR the Painful Truth?
*nonsense questions are worst.

Feel free to grab this everybody!


JAZEVOX said...

me too, i would rather be surrounded by people that brings me up and inspire me, not with people that puts me down and discourange me (enemies, i guess). Alone or surrounded by enemies? better be alone, definitely

night owls here as well, watch too much movies most nights..

btw, thanks for the msg in my tag board :-)