Sunday, December 2, 2007

Oh Yeah!

I am so happy today that i saw myself losing a little of weight. Back then, i was like 130 lbs. but now i am 119 lbs. Yohoo! I could be able to wear my jeans now. It's an amazing feeling when you don't feel like you are a big, fat monster anymore! Of course, i still have a little ugly fats from pregnancy but i am still working on it. I'm not using some kind of exercise equipment nor a diet pills but i just control my eating habits. I think cereal works good for me.yikez!


Michelle said...

Good for you, congrats! I'm not a cereal eater but I got one choco flavor with marshmallow in it (for kids I guess). hehe Yummy but too sweet for me that's why I don't eat that much, only when I'm too lazy to cook or when I'm in a hurry. How about eating whole grain or whole wheat foods and if you like to eat rice, you choose brown rice. It's good for you and won't give you fat. Take care!