Saturday, February 2, 2008

Just a Little Update

Obviously i got a good news for today. I managed to grabbed one task from ppp and it was below of this post. I'm little confused and still learning how to work for them. Its little more different from what i thought. I am hoping i was doing the right thing. I don't wanna be kicked off. lol I need to read some of their policies though while chasing available opps for me.

I think i better get off here for a minute. I need to do my household chores before hubby came home from funeral. I need to do the laundry and the dishes too. I urge to not go with him this time coz i have a lot of things to do besides blogging. I don't want little sissy will be draged out too somewhere when its cold outside. We been there last night so i think that is enough. I hope everybody has a great weekend!