Saturday, February 2, 2008

Signing Off!

Hey you all! Just thought of making an update here. We actually just got home from a very tiring drive. We been to the funeral of my hubby's relative. As i posted
here, he was passed a few days ago by a car wreck. He is only 23 years old. He is US military and soon going to Iraq. Its sad how he's life end. A boy who is trying to help the country and tries to be a good person but now is gone. Like i said this is how life is. We don't know what happens next. We probably go back there tommorow for he's last day.

I had a bad headache right now. I say, i better get off here. Hubby taught me how to smoke earlier while we were on the way home. I was trying to be like an expert smoker. I thought it was fun doing some crazy cool techniques but hell i got headache after that. If i am in the Philippines right now i'm sure my dad would kill me for doing that. lol But yeah...I'm sure i don't like smoking. It kills me.


theworkingmom said...

I'm sorry for your husband's relative. It's sadder when somebody who's very young dies ahead of his time.

Hope your headache will be better soon. - Joey