Monday, May 12, 2008

Girls Shopping

It was a memorable day for me last saturday. After we went to the dinner with Hubby's co-workers, Alyssa and my daughter in-law Sierra and I went into the store for clothes shopping. Even we don't get much for ourselves but we had fun shopping together. We talked so many things about clothes and fashions and her life too. That was the first time i get bonded with her for a very long period of hours. She usually don't stay here at home and if ever she does stay both of us were always busy about something. It was a great day to all of us endeed!


Maya said...

true,the best of your shopping time was have time to bond with hezr. it's always great to know people more. then, we see that there are more that connect us... shopping is not bad to have a start.
Ps/Thanks for your visit.