Monday, May 12, 2008

Upside Living

Each one of us aimed to have beautiful place to live. Having nicest things and beautiful decors in our house is really captivating. I seen so many houses which has a lot of decorations. Though it makes me feel like i want to have a house like these but i must admit i am not an expert for arrangements and house decorations myself. I just love to have stuff but i don't know which the perfect place for it...that is.

I came across to Upside Living website which offers beautiful home decor products. They actually had a huge selections of elegant items for luxury home, garden decor as well as unique gifts for any occasions. Upside Living staff are searching continuously to expand their collections toward the most comprehensive online source to enhance luxury home and garden experiences to all their customers. And also they have founded with 3 principles which is to provide quality, excellent service and of course, global community where they are giving portion for charities.

Since hubby and I had a plan to attend a wedding this Saturday, i also look for unique gift for wedding at Upside Living. The picture above was my first option. Its Champagne Flute which i think perfect gift for that occasion. I find it really beautiful and elegant, i'm sure the newly couple likes them too.