Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Halloween Costumes

Never in my life been to Halloween party, seriously. Hubby is always wanted us to attend but we always ended up driving around and dropping off Kyle to every houses for trick and treating. Yet, i like to attend a party someday but i am a bit shy of dressing up Halloween costumes because as what i said, never in my life experience those. I just love watching kids who are dressed up with cutie costumes during Halloween. Actually, we were invited with one of my friend last year to attend Halloween Party but i insisted to go since Alyssa was too young for a party and besides, i don't see any halloween costumes fit for 3 months old baby. If ever we were invited to a Halloween party this year i maybe end up buying Alyssa a cute Halloween costumes at

I remember last year, hubby and I stop by at the store and we seen this little girl wearing cute fairy costume. I can't help myself from not being fascinated by her. This year, i will definitely get my little girl a children's costumes and the image below was my first option. Isn't it cute? If you guys, looking for Halloween costumes, check out where you can find wide selections of costumes for Halloween from children to adults. Just check it out, I'm sure you will love it too.