Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Long Day

I have pretty long day today. I'm talking about long day of staying in front of pc writing and thinking. So far, i done maximum of 15 posts..wahhh joke! I'm about to sleep on the keyboard here but i need to get this over with that way i won't be in trouble tommorow if triple P will be pouring. lol I need to do bloghop too to maintain my rr. Gosh..too many plans right now. Anyway, i was just little relieved because we were able to go outside to eat and grocery shopping at least after the heavy storm earlier. I'm glad it don't stay that long or i would be so cranky and probably i don't get my work done. For all you know, stay at home mom needs to go unwind sometimes. frustrating kaha makulong 24/7..heheh!


artofreed said...

Hi... nice to meet you ... yes you right, sometimes we confuse about what we have to write... but ... just write what you want to write ... quantity is importanat too.

Imelda said...

hahaha, sounds familiar to me, too.

I sometimes sleep before my computer, sis.

How is baby Alyssa?