Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Are You Financially Fit?

Have you already take a financial test? Or do you want to know if you are financially fit? Why not take a quiz at BillsIQ?

Bills IQ is pretty cool and convenient website which might be a good source for people who needs to concentrate their financial health. The quiz is easy and free, no obligation! It only asks you questions about all different aspects of your financial affairs including credit, debt, budget, wealth and life plan. Right after you took a test, BillsIQ will scored anywhere from F to A depending on your situation and your knowledge. The best of all, no matter where is your financial sequence is, BillsIQ will give you Debt consolidation tips and resources to help you learn to get even more better in your financial status. If you are seeking for Debt help, Bills IQ is also providing you debt relief information and show you how to find for trustworthy Debt relief professionals.

I just took a financial test at BillsIQ and my bills IQ is 88% B! So, you too must have to see how financially fit are you. Go to today to have your financial health checked up.

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