Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Alyssa's First Piggy Bank

"save money for a better future" that is what Alyssa's motto today. The picture above showed us she's putting a dollar on her first piggy bank. Never thought that a little and innocent Alyssa would really want to put the dollar in the piggy bank instead of playing with it or tearing all the pieces.

Anyways, few months back Papaw (grandfather) come to visit us. While his getting ready to leave, he handed a dollar to Alyssa and say "you have to buy me a piggy bank Mom". Since then when we headed to the store, i often think of piggy bank but unfortunately, everytime we were arrived at the location i can't think of anything that was planned to buy.

After two months of just being like that, Daddy finally bought her one. This time, we don't forget piggy bank because it was on our list of items we needed at home.

Well, hoping that Alyssa would stick to her motto of saving money