Friday, July 10, 2009


We just got home from grocery shopping and dining. It's supposed to be a treat for everybody in the family because its friday. Since we're at the town, I told husband to check out few houses on sale that i saw in the internet today. We were able to see 2 of them. The other house is not on sale anymore. Somebody moved it in few days ago but other one is still on the market. Ok we were there!!. The house is really nice. I say, it is a huge house with 5 bedrooms and 2 bath. I love everything in there specially the living room and oppss, the kitchen!!. We like the way they build it as well as the products and materials in it. Husband thought the kitchen has zero radius sinks because of its craftmanship and the modern look. Another thing i love the house is the big yard which is pretty good place to play for kids and for me to burn fats by running around. Right now, i'm just crossing my fingers and hoping that hubby will accidentally decided to buy it. LOL