Friday, July 10, 2009

Pet Products

It's been few weeks now that husband and I excitingly waited our check in the mailbox. We get thrilled everytime we're headed to our mailbox and sometimes we're competing on who can get and open it first. We have this funny faces if we noticed there ain't there yet. Today, i think he's losing hope and handed me the key to open it. (LOL) One thing that i notice is the catalogs from different store about the sales they are currently offer. There is also catalog offering pets accesories like pet foods and the affordable pet beds. I suddenly thought i want to have pets because these products are too cute and of course, they are inexpensive. Since we were just rented a house, we cannot have pets.

A friend of mine had a pet at home. She have dogs, cats and chickens in her backyard. I thought i can order some of the accesories and give it to her pet. It would be a great idea to give her something that she love.