Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Facts about Lightning Strikes

This topic just brought in my mind today when husband called from work just to remind me not to let Alyssa swim in the pool since the storm is coming in few minutes. I was then remember back when we were a kids that we used to swim in the ocean from the morning till evening, sunshine or stormy days and never have any problem with it. And also, i grew up nearby the open ocean but I never heard anything incident regarding the people got hit by lightning while in the water. Out of my curiosity, i googled the topic and there it has been said that lightning strikes have killed people at the ocean's surface of more than 30 yards from the hit, according to the scientist David Schultz. It is advised that whenever the storm approaches, people should get out the water fast.

Alright while people are hastily getting off shore, there are still creatures that exist in the ocean---I'm talking about the fish and everything lived there. How are they going to survive during lightning strikes?

The truth is lightning is less likely to strike the ocean. If it is in some cases, the bolts of electric current only spreads along the surface. Because salt water is a good conductor, it does not continue to go down deeper into the ocean.