Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Journey of Online Classes

Thanks to Darren Mulero for the post.

Having to take online classes was never something that entered my mind before I enrolled in college. I thought that I would just be a traditional student, stay in the dorms, and walk to classes with my new found friends. Well, it started like this, but when an opportunity for a working internship arose, I took it.

Luckily, my father works at a place that offers internships in accounting quite often. When he found out that I would need several internships to stay ahead of the game when I graduated college, he sprung into action and got me one as an accounts payable clerk. I still wanted to continue my schooling so I would only have to be enrolled for four years, so I decided to keep taking my classes online with Satellite Star Internet.

My online classes were, in many ways, much easier than actually going to class. I guess easier would not be the right word, but less time consuming might be. The cost of living at home and taking all of my classes online was thousands of dollars less than living in a dorm or apartment. And even though we have satellite internet, which I thought would slow down my online class progress, I was able to achieve high marks in all of my classes. Being at home and taking classes saves so much time and money that it is a wonder why I did not think of online classes earlier.