Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Laziness strikes

I woke up at 3oclock in the afternoon today. Call me lazy, sleepyhead or anything but I was even shocked myself after seeing my wristwatch. I went to sleep last night at almost 5 in the morning because i was real occupied with my zumba dvd and never noticed the time. Doing zumba last night was probably the reason why i slept too long.

My routine for the day is not even done yet. I have a lots in my mind planned and none a bit of them accomplish yet. I plan on doing all the household chores including the laundry which i think i haven't done it for 3 weeks now because of the fact that husband is off. We also plan on going to my in law's house and stay for couple of nights while husband is on vacation, so i don't know when are we going down there since its now 5 oclock, i'm still in the bed. I already watched couple of my favorite tv shows in the internet minute ago and before long i'll be forced to get off the bed and do something better. Husband accomplished a bunch of stuff already. He's been in the outside fixing his 4wheeler after cooking the breakfast. I was surprised he didn't pour out a cold water on me while i was still asleep. Anyway so much for rants, the little girl is constantly yelling that she's wanting cerials and drink.