Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Trixie's New Wardrobe

Guest post from Susie Poston

My dog Trixie is a corgi mix and she loves to get dressed up. If I ask her where her pretty pink coat is she will run to the basket and bring it to me. If I am not paying attention she will try to toss it over her back. She is so cute.

I love to shop for new clothes for her online using my wildblue satellite internet connection. I can connect fast and browse through lots of online pet supply stores until I find the right outfits for her. I have found lots of great deals online for her.

Sometimes I will give in and get her some new doggy toys too. She loves to play with tennis balls and ropes. I have a cute red basket in my living room that holds all of her toys and another one that holds some of her cute little outfits.

I recently found a great online store while browsing some shops that offers sweet potato treats. She went wild over them and now I try to always keep at least two bags on hand at all times. Trixie would not have it any other way. It’s so easy to shop for Trixie using my high speed internet mannford ok connection.