Friday, June 25, 2010

Multiple random

Hubby's a week vacation starts today. It was all about fun. We ride 4wheelers all day with everbody including the in-laws and the kids. There were about 6 four-wheelers we brought and everyone of us except the little bitty kids drove. After 4wheeler riding we went swimming while others are grilling barbecue. My little girl was having fun, she played with the two little girl that my father in-law brought.

We don't know what activities we're going to do tommorow. Husband is planing to take us to the lake for camping but I really don't like the idea because i don't wanna be far away from home. Staying in the house is what i want to do the whole week. I still have a lot of things to do online like catching up my backlog tasks and should do some bloghopping too. I felt bad that my webpage hasn't get any much traffic anymore. I guess I have to go back the EC dropping again or hire seo chicago. We all know webpage traffic is essential in online business or i say " blogging industry", so i have to do something about it.