Thursday, June 24, 2010

Work it out baby

I have been working out in 4 consecutive days now with the help of my stability ball as well as videos in youtube. I don't go in the gym because i have a todler to watch every single minute and a babysitter is just a big no-no to us. Hopefully, this all work because i been wanting to get back in the shape just like before i got pregnant. Right now i weigh like 119 pounds (if my weighing scale is right lol) and perhaps losing 6 pounds is probably enough. Since i'm lazy to cook, eating too much is not my problem anymore. I just drink plenty of water all day and grab something in the fredge in the next morning. I been this way before so yeah, don't worry.

Anyway, speaking of daily exercise, husband bought me an stability ball few months ago for me to be able to work out the area that i want to tone down. But since i am a bit lazy, i stop using it and just cover my ears whenever husband is complaining about how much he paid for the ball. It finally went to my senses that i have to work my butt off after seeing myself in couple of pictures with my friends in our get togethers. Seems like i am almost as size as my mother---frustrating, i know! One of my friend convince me to try the working-out dvd's in walmart because that was she's been using in past few weeks at home and right then, i was thinking to buy that dvd in our next walmart trip. That was supposed to be my plan but somehow i change my mind because i know husband will be complaining a lot more if he knew i spend another money for fitness again.

So i went to couple of websites and gather information about working out dvd and their prices, until i stumbled upon youtube where lots and lots of videos where women are having fun with zumba. I, then, remember my cousin who is currently in a zumba class and actually I saw a huge difference to her after she took the classes. Without any hesitation, i purchased 1set of zumba dvd workout in ebay 3days ago. I still never got them and hopefully when it gets in the mail husband won't ever get to see them. (lol) I'm a bit excited with the dvd's. I'm already engaged to it by just watching 2-5 minute videos in youtube. The movements or steps are perfect for burning calories and the rhythm will make your booty shake. I'm going to have fun with it, trust me!