Thursday, June 24, 2010

The rivalry never ends

This was written by guest blogger Michael Edison

My favorite commercial is an MLB/YES Network commercial seen on Detroit cable. To appreciate it fully, you have to be a baseball fan, especially a Yankees or Red Sox fan. You also need to understand the dialect, habits and animosity between the two teams.

It is an ad for Avis Rental Cars. The commercial opens up with two guys drinking coffee and shooting the breeze in an office filled with Yankee advertisement and memorabilia. The first guy says “Hey, how ya doin”, the other guy says,”good, great game last night, huh”. The first guy says “oh, yea, total domination” The 2nd guy says “unbelievable” and they both say “forget about it”. Then, in walks the boss with a new employee. The boss say “Here’s Tom, it’s his first day” Tom then says with a big smile on his face “I’m wicked psyched to be here, you guys ready to rent some caaaars”. The faces on the Yankee fans/employees were total disbelief that Avis was hiring a guy with a New England accent and probably a Red Sox fan. I guess it’s good for business to have a Boston employee just in case there are any Red Sox fans wanting to rent a car. Smart thinking Avis.