Sunday, June 13, 2010

The use of Fb for me

Facebook is really addicting. I signed myself in and out every now and then just to check everything whats the new in my news feed. I don't play fb games anymore because for some reason my computer will freezes up whenever i started to open the app. But i am happy with it though because if i get hooked with the games again, i'm pretty sure you'll find my lazy butt in bed with the computer in lap for 24/7.

Checking my friends comments and photos is more fun than ever, seriously, i get excited checking on what is it in my notification or message buttons. I also like to use its chat feature because i have some friends who are not my yahoo messenger that is on my facebook. (Thank God, the world is getting high-tech)

With facebook, i get able to connect my long-lost friends back in college and in high school, and most importantly husband and I get able to connect our siblings from other states or country through the networking site. For personal safety, i do not add people who are strangers to me or if you find somebody in my friendlist that i barely don't know, he/she must be a mutual friend that i'm interested to get friendship with. I hope everybody should have to be aware the privacy and stuff too, because there are lots and lots of crimes that fb is involved and that includes adding and sharing too much private information to stranges in the networking site.