Thursday, July 29, 2010

Meet Noname, our new Puppy & RANDOM

The title says it all. I'm not going to make a long post right now because my eyes are hurting from being too much exposed of the computer all day. I just want to make a quick shoutout about our new puppy. He's been in the home for almost 3 weeks now and poor him, I just have a chance to blogged about him. Well, he is 9weeks old Jack Russel too. He don't have a name yet because each person in the house have different names to give. But to be fair to him, i call him "noname", nuff said. He is really nice to Alyssa and everyone he sees in the house. ( well, i hope not to the thieves).

And no, thats not his bed. Poor him, he stays outside because the "meaner me" will spank his tail whenever he act like going inside the house. I just don't like to clean after his mess.

Before i finally head out bed, i just want to thank (whoever i wish to thank) for finally giving a page rank in my blogs. Like seriously, are you kidding me? Five of my blogs (2 of them are not updated) have pr2 and pr1. Not so high but okay good things come to those who wait, seriously? Do i need this? NO !...The pr might have something to do with the enormous batch of task last weeks but Okay---- i might stop before big G took it away. watevah!