Saturday, July 10, 2010

My little Dora

The little girl's 3rd bday will be on 27th this month. She is pretty excited about it and actually me and her had a conversation last night on what were going to do on her birthday and guess what, she wants a party. I asked her what she want as a present in her bday, she said Dora's birthday cake, ballons, and blow candles. She loves Dora a lot that everytime you ask her what she wants, she will be requesting Dora. She actually call herself Dora whenever you asked her name, i guess she mimic the idea since everybody that saw her told her, she looked a lot like Dora. Oh well, my baby is turning into a cartoon character.

Alyssa is also driving me nuts sometimes when she wanted me to cut her hair into a Dora hairstyle. Back then, she even cut her hair with the scissors she found in drawers without my knowledge. After i confronted her, she says "i look Dora mama". She won't go anywhere if she haven't got her Dora backpack with Dora sippy cup, Dora dominos and one Dora stuff toys in it. She even have Dora slippers that her uncle Mike bought for her when we were in the
Philippines. She really love them a lot and wear them all the time, yep even in the house!

Anyhow, her big sissy plan on wearing adult mascot on her birthday. I checked the suit online but their prices are ranging from 150 dollars to 300. I don't think we have that money to spend for just the suit but whenever i find something that is under 100dollars or to rent, i probably pursue it. I want her to have a blast on her bday and by having Dora mascot or giving Dora stuffs is something that i'm sure she would love. Time really goes by so fast, now she'll be 3 years old and very happy, i have her.