Monday, July 12, 2010

Satellite Internet Service Helps Our Daughter with School

Guest post written by Taylor Rackman.

After we installed hughes broadband to our home my daughter was excited to be able to access the great resources of information for her school work that she has found on our hughesnet plans. One benefit of having internet access is that she can also go to her schools website and pick up the details of her home work assignments. This way she does not have to take as many notes as she used to.

When she first got started with using the computer she was only allowed to use the offline one in our home. She was already using the computer at school to take reading tests on and was learning a lot about how to navigate the programs there. When she started using the one at home she also learned keyboarding techniques that set her up for basic instructions at school since I was also teaching her hand placement.

When we let her have access to the internet she was excited to be able to use it for a lot of different things. Of course she wanted to interact with her friends on Face Book and we allowed that so that she would learn how to browse the internet. We cautioned her not to go to places she knew nothing about and since the computer was in the living area we were able to monitor that.