Saturday, October 2, 2010

Friday adventure

Just got home from town to pick up my step-son. It took us few hours to get home since the town is busy. Lots of traffics going on because of tomorrow's festival.
After picking up Kyle, we stop by at rite-aid to check out some cosmetic products they have on sale. I been dying to buy the new lip gloss infalliable by Loreal, been fascinated with it since the first time i watched their commercials in the Tv. At the rite-aid, i also pick out out some shampoos and of course face cream which includes my all-time favorite anti-wrinkle cream. After that i was ready to go. On our way home, i stop couple of yard sales. I brought 2 bags of clothes for kids and paid for 6bucks all together. Such a great deal actually. The clothes are nice and still has more years for it to use. Now, i'm ready to put them up in my huge box. I plan on sending the clothes to my niece and siblings in PI.