Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Pageant

So Alyssa's pageant was over. She got the 1st runner-up place and 4 minor awards out of 6. Her award are the following; most photogenic, most beautiful, prettiest eyes and the best dress.

Thank God, the dress i ordered online finally arrive on time and there, she won the best dress in it.

the queen and the first runner-up

Husband excorted her in the pageant--it was the little girl's choice by the way. I wasn't really expecting that she's going to choose her daddy over me but it kind of relieved in my part. I was a bit nervous actually because i'm not too confident walking in front of everybody. I thought i need thermogenic fat burners first before having a nerve to be in there.

The pageant went okay. Husband was a bit pissed because of the decisions but we can't do anything. They picked out the winners already since the beginning. I can go on any further but it's getting late. Oh well, ni-night folks!